We have thousands of happy customers in the Sitaras family now!

"I bought two Sitaras toasters 3 years ago I haven't needed service yet and there still working like new." ~ Van, Medford Diner, Route 70, Medford, NJ

"Best toaster we ever had will only by the Sitaras brand. I have one that's 20 plus years old and we only serviced it two times in so many years. I have yet to see another toaster outlast the Sitaras toaster and I've been in the diner business 40 years." ~ Steve, Seven Star Diner

"I only use the Sitaras Perfectoast in all my diners. There built to last. And customer service is very good. Would never buy a different brand." ~ Jimmy, Town and Country Diner

"I bought it in 2001 you said it would be the last toaster I bought and so far it's been running great haven't needed it serviced or anything since 2001 almost 14 years!!" ~Empire Diner, Landowne, PA

"I've had my toaster working for almost four years 24 hours a day 7 days a week and haven't serviced it yet. Just bought another one." ~ Jimmy, Vernon Diner

"I bought two Sitaras toasters a little over 6 years ago still running great no service calls yet." ~ Chit Chat Diner

"I only use the Sitaras toaster best toaster around." ~ Peter, President of Pan Gregorian, Croton Hill Diner

These are some of the clients

Marina Diner 732-787-1127 Ask for Nick or Dinos
Annandale Diner 718-984-3200 Ask for Steve
Alezis Diner 845-565-1400 Ask for John
Antonios Diner 215-698-1712 Ask for Lazarus
Athena Diner 914-664-4723  
Blue Colony Diner 203-426-0745  
Kingsplaza Diner 718-951-6700 Ask for Nick or Demetre
Tick Tock Diner 973-777-0511 Ask for Frank or George
Arlington Diner 201-998-6262 Ask for Nick or George
Reo Diner 732-634-1200 Ask for Alex or Mike
Altons 716-913-4666  
Andrews Diner 718-948-8544 Ask for George
Butler Family Restaurant 973-838-6690  
Brookside Diner 973-515-4433  
Sand Castle Diner 732-244-8885 Ask for John
4 Star Diner 201-866-0101 Ask for Bill or John
Americana Diner    
Town and Country Diner    
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