IMG 3543Commercial Toaster That is Built to Last!

My grandfather Nick Sitaras passed away January 6th of this passed year. Would have been 80 years old in May. He came to America from Chios, Greece many years ago.

Started as a chef and decided to invent a chef friendly waitress friendly toaster. He's been working on improving and innovating the Sitaras toaster for over 30 years. He invented the best toaster in the biz. He was very proud of his invention because he knew it was an amazing product and the perfect toaster.

His daughters Maria Sitaras and Morfia Sitaras are proud to carry his name legend to keep his dream alive. His granddaughter Nicki Mpogiatzis has taken over the business and continuing her grandfather's dreams and aspirations. She knows how much hard work her grandfather put into this and truly believes in the product. She hopes to grow the business and expand it so the many more can see and experience what an amazing product the Sitaras toaster truly is.

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